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As a direct primary care practice, Nostalgia Family Medicine is a one-stop-shop for all of your family’s medical needs. The practice’s founding physician, Brandon Fletcher, MD, provides extended in-office visits, telemedicine sessions, and even house calls, so your medical exams are more convenient and comfortable than ever. Book your direct primary care visit by requesting an appointment online or by calling the office directly at 407-543-1270.

Why Companies Benefit from Direct Primary Care In Their Business

Businesses are adopting the direct primary care (DPC) model for employee wellness. DPC’s simplified approach provides precise mechanisms to control costs while improving healthcare quality, all with no copays or deductibles. While there are many benefits to providing DPC for both employers and employees, here are the top 5 reasons businesses benefit from direct primary care.

1) DPC saves money 

Direct Primary Care offers greater patient access, more doctor time, and physician-led healthcare navigation for a very affordable flat monthly fee. Rates typically range from $100 per month per employee but employers usually elect to pay a portion which still excites employees because they’re experiencing a better health care option. DPC doesn’t experience large annual premium increases, unlike the traditional healthcare model. When integrated into a self-funded plan, health care claims are easier to manage and the total cost of the plan is often lower than with traditional insurance. In fact, studies show that savings percentages can be in the double digits. For employers that offer traditional high-deductible health insurance, adding DPC provides real value and indirect savings.

2) DPC minimizes no-shows and provides convenience

Direct primary care provides staff with high access to a personalized concierge-style physician. It offers greater convenience with same-day or next-day office appointments and longer visit times. Additionally, through the virtual DPC component, which is similar to an enhanced form of telemedicine, patients can communicate with their physician via email, phone, text, or video conference from the office or home. This means employees won’t miss out on work time when they need to see their own doctor. These benefits are especially valuable for employees with chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

3) Better healthcare improves productivity

In addition to better access and longer visit times, which strengthen the bond of the primary care relationship, there are no copays or deductibles to honor, which encourages employees to members consult their physician if necessary. DPC helps keep employees healthy by addressing health issues while they are smoldering and before they become a fire. Prevention, ongoing management, and treatment of acute health problems as they arise help maintain optimal employee performance.

4) DPC offers recruiting and retention advantages

The lower cost of the DPC healthcare model allows companies to increase their benefits package and allows small businesses to offer healthcare benefits where they cannot. DPC’s level of care provides employees and their families with an exceptionally high level of personalized healthcare service – a level they will appreciate. With unrestricted access to their doctors, employees benefit from a deeper and more productive doctor/patient relationship than ever before in today’s insurance-based clinic environment.

5) Offering DPC  is a practical way to foster your company’s culture of wellness focus and employee engagement

DPC is a medical service and is not used solely for “caring for the sick”. DPC is proactive, hands-on, and follows your employees wherever they work, play, or travel. Offering a DPC is an important way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to optimal health. For companies looking to save money on healthcare while increasing employee benefits, switching to the DPC healthcare model is a step many progressive companies are taking.