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Modern Medicine

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A lot of people talk about saving money in health care. We actually do it every day.

Direct Primary Care

The Way it Should Be

Too many people don’t have access to primary care doctors and aren’t getting the quality care that they need. At Nostalgia Family Medicine, we are not a factory and you are not a number. You are our patient and are treated with care without being rushed. Your needs and your health are always our top priority!

What is the Advantage of Direct Primary Care?

The advantage of direct primary care is access. As a patient of Nostalgia Family Medicine, you have access to your doctor via email, telemedicine, phone, or in person. Every patient gets direct access to Dr. Fletcher day or night.

Yes, we even make house calls.

Nostalgia Family Medicine

771 Ciara Creek Cove
Longwood, FL 32750

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Family Medicine at the Core

It isn’t everyday that you meet a medical doctor who cares so deeply about his patients. Dr. Fletcher has a desire to care for all the members of his patients’ family. Dr. Fletcher spent many years as a hospitalist until he and his wife, Emily, finally decided to open a private practice. With his passion for family medicine, they knew it was their calling and Nostalgia Family Medicine was born.

Insurance vs. Direct Primary Care

Know What You’re Paying Upfront without Surprises

*cbc & bmp filed through insurance vs. our cost through Lab Tech Diagnostics
*Coreg & Lexapro- local discount pharmacy vs. in-house
*CXR- filed through insurance vs. our cost through small businesses

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Direct Primary Care

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